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Since 17/05/2015

Starting from the beginning, about us: We are an oldschool type of clan, it means that we are a team who gets together to play and mostly play against other clans/teams, our hierarchy is based on leaders, members and trials.

What are our goals: Our goals are simple as we want to fight any clan in the game and hopefully beat them! We are thinking about expanding us in other gamemodes like DD, or even other games, but that's future stuff.

How's the environment inside the clan?: Firstly, you should know that most part of us knows each other since a lot of time ago, so we know us deeply:ph34r: . This doesn't mean that we don't want to know new people, quite the opposite, but not everybody adapts to our kind of life and kind of clan, some people call us an inactive clan who only connects to play clanwars, they may be right; but understand that most of us has responsabilities and life goals, like studies, university, work, and even childrens.

Should I speak Español to join?: Ofcourse not, but remember that most of us speak Spanish. And we will not force anyone to speak another language if they don't want to, as much as those who speak Spanish, English, or any other language, everyone is free to speak whatever they want.


Regards, Saints Administrative Team

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