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Join Request by ._Piece._

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Country:  Colombia <3

Age:    19

Tell us something about yourself: Well, I like a lot play videogames, sports and read in this moment i am in the university, i like my carrear i am 19 years old y satrted play MTA in 2013 when the clan XP was popular, i am very sociable and i like to help people in whaterver i can.

Which clans have you been in and why did you leave them?: My first clan was VE oldschool, next i join to nCw with inzecto, DuFran and FraN next i join to ePic old epic, and finally i join to TRD 

Why do you want to join Saints?: Cause i am looking clans that have good members, so i decided to play in St but when i shearch for the clan i didnt find no one, so when i look that the clan is on i join and inmediatily i like.

Do you know any Saints members?: Wazer <3 Ruso Carlos no more cause when i play nobody join to the server

Do you have any programmation knowledge? (lua/HTML/JavaScript/XML/C++): Nope

How would you help Saints?: In all,  eg: Wazer say cw, i training a lot to play in this cw so when i decided to do something i do!

What do you like/dislike about the team?: I like the scripts and members are amazing and that They are so pros! y como dicen si te ajuntas con pros te conviertes en pro xD <3

Have you created any map? Before, i like to do maps just for fun when i play in XP i created a oldshcoool map

Rate yourself as a player 0/10:

  • Hunter: 6
  • DeathMatch: 6
  • I am honest i'm back to mta so if i join to St i promises that my skills could be better than before!


  • Skype: onepiece.mta
  • Facebook:  Alexiss Vasquez Igua
  • WhatsApp: +57 3153454942
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