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Country:  Malaysia


Age:  17 

Tell us something about yourself:

I'm 17 Years Old, Still studying on College, Love to play Badminton and Football with all of my friends. Sometimes I only spent with my friend on school or Mall. I only play mta at night or evening. Besides MTA i play GTA V PC Edition, CSGO and Battlefield 1. I started play MTA in 2013. My First Server was TG. I'm actually an Oldschool Player. On 2014 I started play DM slowly because my friend suggest it. My Second server was FFS. I Started Play FFS because my friend doesn't play TG that a lot. After That i found out Saints Gaming Clan. I Really wanted to join Saints Gaming for the whole time. I'm a good DM player.


Which clans have you been in and why did you leave them?:

Insane Skill Player - Inactive

United Players! - Closed



Why do you want to join Saints?:

Because the clan has a nice Atmosphere, Friendly Members and Funny Members.


Do you know any Saints members?:


Do you have any programmation knowledge? (lua/HTML/JavaScript/XML/C++): -

How would you help Saints?:

I'm  a good administrator and i'll try my best to help any CW.

What do you like/dislike about the team?:

I like all the members and the team. I did not see any disadvantage of the team.

Have you created any map? -

Rate yourself as a player 0/10

Hunter: 8/10

DeathMatch: 8/10


Skype: erwin.habib.5

Facebook: Erwin Habib

Whatsapp: -

 I Hope you guys enjoy my JR and Thank you for reading :).

Note: I don't know if i send my hunter on my JR.


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3 hours ago, Broken said:

nice video"s . good luck :)


Thank You! :)


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