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Join request template

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First of all, you need to read this thread before posting your join request.

Secondly, there is no approximate response time, your request can last hours to even a month without answer; depends in how much we are seeking for new members and the interest you've given to join us. Even thought we will try to answer the fastest we can.

Third, creativity and effort counts to join; give us your best!


Introduce yourself:

-- Give us some information about you.

Have you been in other clans before:

--If you've been in a clan before; your time spent in, your rank (trial, member, leader, etc.) & leaving reason.

Why should we accept you:

--Tell us which are your biggest achievements through your career, your remarkable points (skilled driver, designer, scripter, etc.) If you haven't any tell us what are your projects/plans in future.

Contact (optional):

Something to add (optional):


(All join request after 21/12/2017 11:19 p.m. GMT+2 should have this new format.)

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