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Saints Gaming News # 4

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Hi hello everyone. I'm here today to comunicate that the clan will keep its path. I want to highlight the performance of our members in clanwars. We have a few changes for this opportunity that I'm gonna forward to you in a moment. In this *News thread I want to thank everyone for their support and share a few things Congratulations to @TenshO!, who has become our new co-leader to give a helping hand with the clan's activity. We also have a new hoe for @CarlosG7 and it's @onepiece,who will be helping him with clanwars organizations.

About the members.

Remaining clan members:











St.WazeR (Retired)

I want to say Welcome to our new embers of our family:



I have to tell that the player @Shortys couldn't pass his trial period. We wish you good luck from Saints Staff


About Clanwars:

Congratulations to @CarlosG7 for his hard work he had always been doing as our Clanwar manager almost since Saint's founding. Also thanks to our members for their hard work,we are in a winstreak of 3 clanwars in a row and we hope it's gonna keep growing.

About Saint's server:

I'm working hard alongside a scripter to develop our main server. We are working in a new Clanwar script too.

As always @Nexelon and @Zait (Me) are at your service in case you think there's a missing map in our server.


About Me:

Before said internally, I'm giving my %100 to keep this family in the same growing path. We are reaching this *News finale once again, Thank you for reading.

Wazer, si lees esto bro te deseo las mejores de las suertes en tu vida personal y te agradezco por confiar en mi, daré todo para que lleguemos a los niveles los cuales tu siempre nos encaminaste (; un abrazo a la distancia bro y espero algún día que puedas volver al menos solo 1 dia al mta. Cheers Saints Administration Team.



Cheers Saints Administration Team.


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Ayy no me digas que wazer se volvio a retirar. Igual les deseo buena suerte muchachos

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Finally, you release it!

Congratz to the new members and new Saints staff!

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Thanks, Contragz to Our new co leader he deserved it and our new staff

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