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Saints Gaming News #3

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Gentleman, as you may know Saints Gaming reopened along with my return to MTA, but I decided to make a clean up and start recruiting over again. that's why some of the old members are not part of this project unless they make a Join Request.
I was really glad to see the support I recieved from the clan members and the whole community itself.

The clan will follow its old path; develop our members skills in order to make them better players, as we did already in the old Saints (I'm feeling glad for that).
@Nexelon will be our co-leader once again ,giving me support as a map uploader too, and we have a new leader that will help us with the activity inside the clan @xZait (
Congratulations). We also have a new designer which is helping us with his habilities @StreakZ (Congratulations).
About Members:
The remaining members from the old Saints are:
  • St.ShakE
  • St.Jesu5
  • St.Zonked
  • St.Nexelon
  • St.Broken
  • St.Drew (retired)
  • St.Pure (retired)
I want to welcome the new members of our team.
  • St.N4zh0
  • St.Streakz
  • St.Wonde|R|
We also want to annunciate the first player that couldn't pass his trial period, good luck in the future from Saints Gaming staff.
  • St.ShortyZ
About Clan Wars:
I'm working hard to complete the DM Squad for this kind of events, so there's no information about incoming clanwars by now. There will be a little surprise in a month or so, wait for it...
About our Server:
Our server server is just as it was before our short auscence. With a minimalist desing to prevent fps issues and garantee a good gameplay in our server.
@Nexelon and @WazeR (Me) will be at your service in case you got a suggerence about a map which is missing in our server.

Feel free to contact us whenever you like; Nexelon - ekisde.-kevin ; Wazer - wazon50555.
About me
I'll be inactive for 2 weeks because of a trip to a relative's hometown.
Clanwar maps have been published  already so you can practice for the incoming clanwars, I hope I'll be surprised with your habilities when I come back, see you soon.
Thank you for reading

Best regards, Saints Administration Team

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Congratz to the new members and good luck within your next clanwars!

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Congratulations @xZait.

I hope the best for this great clan and I will always available for any kind of support :).

Good luck!. 

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ty guys i love all so much ! <3

mi ingles vale verguitawey

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Nice to see you again in the game Saints Community


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