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Found 1 result

  1. -|CLAN WAR INFORMATION|- Clan Name: Saints Tag: St. Date & Time: Saturday, 20.01.18 - 17:00 Hrs. GMT +1 Maps: 10 (5 per team) Server: iW// Iron Will Clanwar Server Rounds: 20 (each map of each team is played 2 times) Reefere: Iron Will (iW//) Maps: - SazukE v.6 - Deep In The Dark - WaRRiO v.3 - Sunnyland - DS v.9 - Dirtbag II - SikariO v.1 - One Reason - SazukE ft. RicardO - River Clouds Players - - - - - Reserves - - - Saints (St.) Maps: - Rizom v.5 - Downcast - FakeDeath v.11 - Blackout III - ConTroL ft. King12pro ft. Sk2 - Extraordinary - KickEr v.4 - Beyond The City - Packy v.13 - Defiance Players - - - - - Reserves - - - -|iW RULES|- CHAT RULES: - Each team can choose a player to talk on the main chat (maximum 2 players per team). - Only the referees and the selected players of each team will be able to speak by the main chat. - Insult, flaming or cause spam in the main chat is strictly prohibited. - If a player insults, flaming or causes spam, he / she will be punished with a mute (in the case of an arbitrator do any of these 3 prohibitions, it will be removed the rights to continue arbitrating during the whole event and will be muted). - In case a player continues to insult and flaming while he mute (through personal messages or changing Nick) will be permanently banned from the server. GENERAL RULES: - Each team can choose an impartial referee (s) (maximum of 2 referees per team). - Every clan is allowed to pick 2 HDM Maps. - The maximum ping allowed is 300, each team can have a maximum of 2 players exceeding this limit, Only if they have a stable ping. - Each player of each team can play with a minimum of 40 FPS. - If a player's ping is unstable and exceeds the allowed limit (300/360), he will not be able to play again until That your ping has been fixed. If your ping has not been fixed, it will have to be replaced by an reserve player (this rule applies in DM and in hunter mode). - In the event of a player suffering TIME OUT at the start of a round, the round may be restarted if no more has passed Of 10 seconds of the map. - In the event of a player suffering TIME OUT when starting a round, the round can not be restarted if they have already Past 10 seconds of the map. - In the event that all 20 rounds have been completed and ended in a tie, only the CW leaders and managers of Each team can choose whether to play more rounds or not. - The CW will not be able to cancel 2 days before the event starts, in case any of the teams cancel the CW after the limit, the clan that has canceled loses automatically. DEATHMATCH RULES: - In case that no player of both teams has obtained the Hunter, the player who has gone further Wins the point. - In case both teams have reached the same place, the round will be restarted. - Nitro waiting is allowed. - Skipping Nitro and Repair Pickups is allowed. - Skipping vehicle pickups is not allowed. - Short cutting is not allowed. HUNTER RULES: - The team with the last surviving player gets the point. - Shooting between hunters can only be started after a countdown (made by the referee). Countdown must start from the first player who has reached the hunter. - It is allowed to shoot vehicles before a countdown. - If a hunter kills a player who just got the hunter (spawn kill), the "damaged" team receives the point (If the spawnkill happens after a countdown, it is still playing). - Spray is not allowed between hunters (3 shots every 5 seconds), if a player makes a spray, he will take a cumulative warning, If a player accumulates 2 warnings, he will be punished with a "blow" (once punished, the accumulation is restarted). - If a player with a hunter is killed with spray, the "damaged" team receives the point. - Spray is not allowed on the vehicles, if a hunter kills a vehicle with spray, the damaged equipment receives the point. -If a player in hunter suffers from "time out" in the middle of the fight, the fight will have to restart, if the player who suffered from "time out" does not return, he will have to be replaced by an reserve player. - If a hunter gets stuck in the decoration of the map, no one can shoot until the hunter leaves the decoration. - In case someone is killed in the decoration, the fight will restart on a hunter map. - In case a player reaches the limit of the map, the fight will restart in a hunter map. - In the event that a player is killed at the edge of the map, the fight will resume on a Hunter map. - If a player arrives more than 2 times at the limit of the map, the fight will restart in a Hunter map CLOSED. - Backshooting is allowed when obtaining the hunter and during the fight. - Hunter skin is not allowed.