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  1. Greetings to you, dear community. Today, after a long while we've decided to write our News #5, which everyone was waiting for. If we look on generally, October and November passed good for us. We recieved join requests and approximately, we've played clan war every weekend in October and November. Long story short, News #5 are including the new recruitments, detailed view of all the clan wars and some important things. - Clan Wars In October and November, as we mentioned at the top approximately we did clan war on every weekend. All of the clan wars we've made resulted with victory. Before looking at a detailed view of the clan wars we've made, we would like to announce you that we will have an clan war against National xTreme Racing, on the saturday of this week. We hope that this clan war will be without insults, cheats and bad things. Imperial Essence vs Saints Gaming (15-5) The clan war was enjoyable, resulted with victory. Will be already informed in below, but actually the clan war was ended with 12-8 score and with the result of victory, again. So, you may ask why we changed the score to 15-5, and you're right. We've changed the result because player named with Scream was faker, which played with /4iM\ again. If you want to learn more, his real nickname is Beyond and now his current team is Project Beast. Whatever, we did not count the rounds which Beyond won and the score be 15-5. Well played Imperial Essence, but here's an good advice. Please don't use fakers in the next clan war you'll make. (And, we're still waiting for you to change the score in your forum.) For Incredible Motion vs Saints Gaming (12-8) Again, the clan war was enjoyable until we learn that they used faker as Beyond. Before we knew about Beyond played as an faker, we lost that clan war with the score of 11-9. When we lose, we protected our maturity and didn't insult or tried to find any cheat in that clan war. After an while, with the thread CarlosG7 made, we saw that an anonymous guy told him that Beyond was playing as a faker against us. The same happened, we've changed the score with 12-8, because there were fights that in hunter Echelon (Beyond) won. As a result, we've won the clan war and the same advice goes to For Incredible Motion. Small Hustlers Crew vs Saints Gaming (11-10) Actually, that was the best clan war according to others. The clanwar was really enjoyable, the teams were getting focused more when the rounds passing. After all the maps passed, the score was draw. With the decision of Clan War Managers of the both teams, they decided with playing one more round. In the last round, everyone was focused and with the hunter fight Naruto and OnePiece made versus Athenian, we've won the clan war. Well played Small Hustlers Crew, thanks for keeping your maturity in the same level on the entire clanwar. Project Beast vs Saints Gaming (11-9) Explaining this clan war wont be enough, the entire clanwar was really enjoyable and everyone felt the real fun. It seemed like Project Beast didn't prepare enough for the clan war, they were good but they didn't show the play they've made in the first clan war we have done. The clan war resulted with an victory. There are nothing to say much for this clan war, the people who watch the stream will already understand the excitement and the environment of this clan war. Well played Project Beast, thanks for keeping your maturity in the same level on the entire clan war. (By the way, especially we want to thank Positiv from here, the 1vs5 fight he made and won was incredible!) National xTreme Racing vs Saints Gaming (17--3) exelent clanwar, congratz at team cwmanager for this win and not more Skills Whithout Control vs Saints Gaming (18-2) Sadly I need to announce that another player goes to the black list. This thime is for PowerRulez, yesterday this guy played as ~|SwC-SlayerZAO. Same as Beyond, this guy will be permanently banned from our server and in clanwars againts him. I will let all the information related this guy to warn and help others communities supporting the fair play. Thank you for your attetion. Serial has been taken from The Favoured Few forum: E387A166E387536EE9658E25F198F734. [2017-11-25 12:00:04] CONNECT: ~|SwC-#000000SlayerZAO connected (IP: Serial: E387A166E387536EE9658E25F198F734 Version: 1.5.5-9.11731.1) [2017-11-25 12:00:05] JOIN: ~|SwC-#000000SlayerZAO joined the game (IP: [2017-11-25 12:17:59] TEAMCHAT: ~|SwC-#000000SlayerZAO: power [2017-11-25 12:18:01] TEAMCHAT: ~|SwC-#000000SlayerZAO: need [2017-11-25 12:18:09] TEAMCHAT: ~|SwC-#000000SlayerZAO: permission [2017-11-25 12:18:18] CHAT: #ff0045~|SwC-#ffffffG#: slayer need permission in chat Old logs: [2016-08-20 21:16:13] CONNECT: #111222.#BG!PowerRulez connected (IP: Serial: E387A166E387536EE9658E25F198F734 Version: 1.5.2-9.09828.0) [2016-08-20 21:16:14] JOIN: #111222.#BG!PowerRulez joined the game (IP: [2016-08-20 21:16:16] QUIT: #111222.#BG!PowerRulez left the game [Quit] [2016-01-11 13:12:30] CONNECT: [#121212FRS]PowerRulez connected (IP: Serial: E387A166E387536EE9658E25F198F734 Version: 1.5.1-9.07677.0) [2016-01-11 13:12:30] JOIN: [#121212FRS]PowerRulez joined the game (IP: - Important Things As we've mentioned on the top, the guy named Beyond which played as an faker versus us, his relationship with Saints Gaming is interrupted. He cannot play in our Clan War & Main Servers from now on. Finally, after an while Saints Gaming opened, we've find an player which will take care of our Social Media Accounts, recording the clan wars and uploading them to our youtube channel. He is Naruto. We're waiting the best from you, boy! And, special thanks to StreakZ for doing our new logo, with a little few improvements we're sure that he will make it better than our current logo! - Recruitments St.Neegs - An Peruvian guy which joined on the clan war we've played against For Incredible Motion. He is an friendly and skilled guy! (Member) St.Hozwks - Again, an Peruvian guy which is skilled and the friend of Neegs, he has the same features as Neegs. (Member) St.Positiv - An very skilled guy from Chile, he knows how to play this game and as everyone saw in the clan war with Project Beast, he showed himself. (Member) St.Henrx - Fast, calm and a good guy. He joined after the clan war with Small Hustlers Crew, he did not play in a cw we've made but we're sure that he'll improve himself and gain a chance with playing in our clan wars! (Trial) St.Kevin - We did not see his skills as much, but as we see from his join request and the maturity of him, his english capacity and understanding level already gains him an chance with joining our team! (Trial) St.Athenian - An really old member of Saints Gaming, an very skilled player that can not even be explained wisely. St.Kogel - An very nice player from Brazil, he have a very nice skills for this game and is a very nice person. Congratulations! We're sure about that you will make everything to exalt our team at the top! - Promotions, Departures and Demotion Promotions St.OnePiece - OnePiece was already helping CarlosG7 (Our Clanwar Manager) in managing clan wars, and giving his best to team. After an decide and of his activity, OnePiece has been promoted to Co-Leader. Congratulations! St.Naruto - Naruto requested us with managing Saints Gaming's Social Media Accounts, we did not refuse his request and promoted him to Social Media Manager of Saints Gaming. Congratulations! St.Athenian - For your great work to help in cw, you get promote to CW Assistent, Congratulations! Departures St.Ryden - Left for inactivity. We wish you good luck in your life! St.Mitsuki - We do not know why did he leave, but we think that he found Nothing To Lose an better place against us! Whatever, we wish you good luck in your life! Demotion St.TenshO - He has been demoted to Member for his inactivity. Best Regards, Saints Gaming Administration Team.