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  1. No, empecé a jugar ahi en octubre 2012.
  2. Mmmm, no me acuerdo de ti . Yo era CG7.
  3. Hola @Ceaseless, Cual era tu nick en
  4. Mmsiiii Gunzito!!!, buena suerte bro.
  5. Congratulations @xZait. I hope the best for this great clan and I will always available for any kind of support . Good luck!.
  6. When and where?. Nice Join request mate! Best of lucks!.
  7. A clanwar script would be awesome . Good luck!
  8. El de los recordings fantasma , buena suerte!
  9. Ya dije alv.
  10. Hi @tangylol, Honestly you a very jumper player. In my opinion you should change your player reputation first, then try to apply in any clan. Regards.
  11. This join request is very good like the first one but I don't like the way you can easily change your mind and take wrong decisions. Good luck.
  12. Good luck.