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  1. Good luck dude
  2. Good luck kanka <3
  3. Good luck bro :3 <3
  4. Thanks guys
  5. Introduce yourself: My name is Efe, my nick name is Yuuki. I playing MTA for a 6 years and I'm from Turkey Im basketball player on Fenerbahce(TBF). I started the game with DM mode(Luck) and I still playing this mode. Im Trainer Have you been in other clans before: [Korn] Exe. DST US fH PvS Why should we accept you: I think I'am skilled player I can help with cw's also I can help with mapping too. The special reason of me I want join to saints because they are really good persons. Contact(Optional): skype: batuhankorkmz Something to add: I can help mapping and scripting(Beginner).