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  1. first of all i like your nickname. didn't get bored when reading this , from my side its a perfect JR , so i wish you the best of luck ! beside only a few ppl in mta who got 10/10 hunter skills so it will be amazing if i take can a look at that
  2. good luck ! and the founder name is potato(wazer) he is from ganzo slaves
  3. good luck ! but aren't you a os player?
  4. Gl
  5. good luck mate
  6. best of luck !
  7. nice video"s . good luck
  8. ulala senol flances

  9. u have missed a lot of question's . and u didn't ancwer correctly ,anyways good luck
  10. Wazer I've already send you some photo's. :). Enjoy ??
  11. good luck :