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  1. The second clan war against "Nothing To Lose" was nothing but one, if is not the worse clan war we've had, it's one of them. In others clan wars the flame war created through different opinions we're quite fun, but today was really frustating. Giving an example nTL restarted a map which was LIVE mid-game; Reason? Bad organization from its part. Not taking attention even for some issue with scripts, we tried to be polite suggesting changing to another server but didn't heard, changin rules to its own purpose; even when both teams & referees decided something they've started the shit-storm cuz "If it's doesn't help us, it is unfair" Those just to give some examples. Some Anonymous player told us: "Be careful with nTL and don't play in their server, they'll try to cheat you" Was he giving us a hint of what would happen? Dunno, think what you want. Lastly: I recognize the ones in nTL & referees who were totally friendly and peaceful I apologize with them with my behaviour, but with others I just can't. Score: 9-11 PD: CANCER MAPS
  2. Nice join request , good luck
  3. This was explained in time. There is no need for useless fights. Closed.
  4. Isn't nTL using 3 HDM? Max is 2
  5. Closed.
  6. Final Score: 18-2 for us!
  7. SIIII. Buena suerte, te espero en el servidor!
  8. Niceee buena suerte men!
  9. Puto el que lo lea


  10. El usuario que ha subido este video lo ha bloqueado
  11. OK
  12. Vamooos Saints!!
  13. Right now our schedule are full of rematches, due this we're setting this request as PENDING. I'll contact you to talk about your request and to reach an agreement. Greetings.
  14. Happy new year everybody Luv u nezex
  15. Algo sobria la jr, good luck
  16. Se retira Facu?
  17. First of all, you need to read this thread before posting your join request. Secondly, there is no approximate response time, your request can last hours to even a month without answer; depends in how much we are seeking for new members and the interest you've given to join us. Even thought we will try to answer the fastest we can. Third, creativity and effort counts to join; give us your best! Template: Introduce yourself: -- Give us some information about you. Have you been in other clans before: --If you've been in a clan before; your time spent in, your rank (trial, member, leader, etc.) & leaving reason. Why should we accept you: --Tell us which are your biggest achievements through your career, your remarkable points (skilled driver, designer, scripter, etc.) If you haven't any tell us what are your projects/plans in future. Contact (optional): Something to add (optional): (All join request after 21/12/2017 11:19 p.m. GMT+2 should have this new format.)
  18. Nice presentation, gl
  19. Hey, I think all the contrasts between white and black doesnt seem too good. Using a better color palette would have made it look better, also I think it lacks of details in the background
  20. won