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  1. Hey, I think all the contrasts between white and black doesnt seem too good. Using a better color palette would have made it look better, also I think it lacks of details in the background
  2. won

  3. Ayy no me digas que wazer se volvio a retirar. Igual les deseo buena suerte muchachos
  4. good luck hermano
  5. Congratz to the new members and good luck within your next clanwars!
  6. That's why u love me then putito
  8. ACCEPTED Your trial period starts by now
  9. acceptame asi juego contra ntl loco x: :D

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      Paciencia mano

  10. Sup guys. Feeling strange? As almost everybody knows, @WazeR decided to leave the game, he retired almost a week ago. Along this 2 years he made everything to keep the team with the morale high in everything that has happened, happens and will happen, doesn't matter if he is hated by some players, he was a great leader, and so we appreciate all your effort you put in the team. You would be always in our hearts We hope the best in his personal goals. So, from now on the administration team will have some changes, depending on the needs that arise in the future. On the other hand, we have *cough* recently *cough* accepted a new member: St.Siege Turning at 180 degrees, the next members hasn't passed its trial period: St.#M<3 St.Zark We hope the best in their future MTA career. St.WazeR# St.Zoey St.Derek St.Zonked St.Jetest Has been set in Retired/Inactive group and wouldn't count as official members until they get active again. For last, FINALLY we will have a clanwar, and a tough one! (unless it gets cancelled because inactivity like the past clanwars) It's agaisn't |-nTL-| Nothing To Lose. Nothing more to say, you can check details in its own thread I hope our clan members train their ass off for this one. So that's it. Just a brief update.
  11. Hey @Siege. Thanks for your patience, we've had a giantistic lack of activity among this last weeks cause a giant diversity of issues in real life. So yeah, mostly for the patience and your interest at all, let me tell you that you have been ACCEPTED, Welcome to Saints Gaming your trial period starts from now on.
  12. Hello, @Siege, I am glad to see you are applying once again. That show us the interest in join. Good luck & nice join request!
  13. Closed & declined Reason:
  14. WTF with the green text