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  2. Country & Age: Austria 19 Tell us something about yourself: My name is Ivan i am 19 years old. I'm from Austria, more precisely from the Lower Austria. Myself, I would be considered a friendly, helpful and athletic man but the judge in some things could be more thorough. on the one hand Hobbies include any sports, music, specifically House & Electro and of course the Gaming. Which clans have you been in and why did you leave them?: -WaF// We are Famile -WaF//PleX (closed) -|-XpR-| Xtreame Pro Race |-XpR-|PleXy (closed 2014 or so) real invited me but after 1 week xpr was closed -TfB// To Fucking Boss -TfB//640x480 (left) ~TS~Twin Stars ~TS~MacheTe (closed) [OP] Over Powerd [OP]640x480 (closed) [FOTL] 1 Hourse Trial, [FOTL]PleXy (fail) US// Unbetable skills US//PleXy (closed) SHC// Small hustler Crew SHC//PleXy (left bcs i had fight with tomba) /AiR\ Awesome in Races /AiR\PleXy (i closed the clan) Why do you want to join Saints?: Now I want to talk about my reasons for this application. My reasons for joining Saints are straight forward. Well, first of all, I've met a lot of great people that are in this clan. We became friends. Also, it seems like an amazing community which will improve everyday with no doubt. Also, the people are helpful and talkative. This clan in my opinion has an amazing feature ahead and a lot of great things are going to happen here. Do you know any member of Saints? ye carlos ganzo athenian and many more Do you have any programmation knowledge? (lua/HTML/JavaScript/XML/C++): no How would you help Saints?: in clanwars or in mapuploader little map collector What do you like/dislike about the team?: i like the team bcs i have many friends here and i like the friendly players. Have you created any map? yes with Rockz ft Nobex(PleXy) ft Genetic Dark shadows 2 / 2k13 Rate yourself as a player 0/10: Hunter:6-7 DeathMatch:8 Contact: Skype: schuss7 Best Regards PleXy