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  1. Hey Nunes, good luck
  2. A short, simple map, I liked it. <3
  3. lost

    I hope it's a good clan war
  4. Good luck
  5. Incredible, I do not know you but if your maps, very good, good luck!
  6. No pues que risa, ja ja ja... A quien quiero engañar, estamos jodidos pero seguimos siendo humoristas ¿No? Es lo bonito de un venezolano "Jodidos pero riendo" Good Luck compatriota.
  7. Come on @iPazh, you can do something better .. put a little love, that people can see that you want to enter for much more than just being in a clan. You are a good boy, a good player and I would like you to share with all of us, but it improves this, please.
  8. Oh, nice, good luck men
  9. lost

    This will be good.
  10. Well, like @StreakZ and @tangylol, I think you should put a little more love to the JR, that when we see your JoinRequest we know that you come here for something more than just being in a clan.
  11. Nice jr, good luck!
  12. Hey Juuliana. Good Luck!
  13. Hello! What a pleasure to see your JR, good luck.!
  14. <3 Incredible truth, I didn't expect that from SwC and less from PowerR.
  15. won

    Rico Falta el vídeo de NxR jaja
  16. Country & Age Venezuela, 18 years old. Tell us something about yourself Well, my name is Henry Ferreira, proudly Venezuelan in spite of the problems that are currently living, hoping that everything will change in the future, I am 18 years old as I said before, I am a student in Systems Engineering, I like the activities physical, I like to swim, I like to run, as well as I like to play, I started playing MTA in early 2013, but I usually play for seasons, due to my studies as well as work, I currently play with the username " HM ", I usually play on Brazilian DM servers, although I have played on several servers, regardless of the nationality or language spoken, play to have fun and distract me. Which clans have you been in and why did you leave them? I've never been in a big, well-known clan, I've just been in little clans of little-known servers, I'll just mention one clan I founded in January of this year, but closed at the end of May for inactivity, titled "Nice Team." We used the tag n.T.) I opened it on a Brazilian DM server, just for fun, but as its players entered, I decided to do it formally, creating a server and entering the MTA competitive mode, we could only play a CW against Tgw (The Galactic Wea) Clan that was also small and wanted to grow, but for reasons I do not know, closed. Why do you want to join Saints? The truth is that I want to enter a well-known clan but I am addressing this one because I know a player that I think I grew up with in MTA, rather than everything in DM mode. Also, there are a lot of Latinos, but my main objective is learn more, improve my playing ability and I think that being here, I will, because i like the performance. Also because I read the "Points to consider joining" http://saints-gaming.net/forum/index.php?/topic/71-points-to-consider-joining/ and I see that they understand what the responsibilities are and commitments what do the players have. Do you know any member of Saints? Yes, @Nexelon, is the player I know best from Saints. Do you have any programmation knowledge? (lua/HTML/JavaScript/XML/C++) In the case of lua, if I have knowledge because I practiced here quite a bit, also because it is quite basic, JavaScript and C ++ I am studying it. How would you help Saints? I think I would do it by making recommendations, I can also help in what they need as long as it is at my disposal. What do you like/dislike about the team? So far nothing, maybe it's because I do not know it in depth or because there's simply nothing wrong. Have you created any map? The truth is that I came to create a OS map many years ago, but I am currently preparing a map DM. Rate yourself as a player 0/10: Hunter: 7/10 DeathMatch: 8/10 Contact: Skype: nu1se Facebook: Private WhatsApp: Private
  17. The logo is not bad, but like @RuSO I think it lacks details, maybe more color in the woman.
  18. Good luck!