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  1. Hey Nunes, good luck
  2. A short, simple map, I liked it. <3
  3. lost

    I hope it's a good clan war
  4. Good luck
  5. Incredible, I do not know you but if your maps, very good, good luck!
  6. No pues que risa, ja ja ja... A quien quiero engañar, estamos jodidos pero seguimos siendo humoristas ¿No? Es lo bonito de un venezolano "Jodidos pero riendo" Good Luck compatriota.
  7. Come on @iPazh, you can do something better .. put a little love, that people can see that you want to enter for much more than just being in a clan. You are a good boy, a good player and I would like you to share with all of us, but it improves this, please.
  8. Oh, nice, good luck men
  9. lost

    This will be good.
  10. Well, like @StreakZ and @tangylol, I think you should put a little more love to the JR, that when we see your JoinRequest we know that you come here for something more than just being in a clan.
  11. Nice jr, good luck!
  12. Hey Juuliana. Good Luck!
  13. Hello! What a pleasure to see your JR, good luck.!
  14. <3 Incredible truth, I didn't expect that from SwC and less from PowerR.