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  1. (By @StreakZ) Date: Sunday, 15.10.17 Time: 17:00 Hrs. GMT +1 Server: St. Saints Clanwar Server Website: Referee´s: @Apollo, @MasterJT & Sasamiya! St. Saints Players: • CarlosG7 • OnePiece~ • GanzoA9 • Positiv^^ • Mitsuki<~ • ShakE# • NeeGs Maps: • JasieK - Vol. 7 - Illusion • Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II • Andro ft. XeaT - Spurious Past • RuSO ft. GuilhermE ft. Nataam - Last Living Souls • Cookie ft. ConTroL ft. Skaarj - Artwork II nG// National Gaming Players: • KarNikkl^ • KN0CK0UT! • MrErixon123 • J0k3r! • RemChan Maps: • Sk2 vol.5 - Sparks • Packy ft. ReazZon - Conspiration II • Packy ft. Ceeser - Ancient Civilizations • Snake ft. FataL ft. ConTroL - The Seasons II • Ron1 v3 - Crush Rules General rules: • Everyone from each clan is able to participate. • If someone times out before the round started, we restart the round. • If someone times out while the map is running, we continue playing. • Insulting, begging or flaming is going to be punished with ban. (30 or 15 minutes depending of the cause on cw players. Spectators will have permanent ban) •The max ping of a player is 320. • In case of a tie (10-10) we will play one last map. (It will be 3 randoms starting in a hunter map, the third one will be the one) • There's gonna be a break after 10 rounds of 5 or 10 minutes. (Visitor team choose) • Password will be given 36 hours before clanwar. • Maps can´t be changed at the time these were showed. • Players who joined the clan after the cw request was posted are not allowed to play. • Only 2 HDM maps are available for each team. • Ping jumps are considered as lag, it does not matter if it is under 320. (Referees decides) Deathmatch rules: • The team which went further in the map gets the point. • Skipping useless nitro and repair pickups is allowed. • If both teams fail at the same part, we will redo the map. • In case of short cutting, the participant will be eliminated without the possibility of replacing him. • Mapper can't play his/her own map • Backward parts can be done as forward way. Hunter rules: • Using any kind of hunter mod during the clanwar is forbbiden. • Hunter fight has to be started after countdown (5 seconds). (Countdown starts when 2 players (home and visitor) gets hunter) • If any player kills another player before the countdown, the damaged team will get the point • Before the countdown players are able to kill cars. • Spraying is not allowed. • Spraying cars is not allowed.