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  6. It was my start in this game in 2009 It was a very ordinary start, of course, the beginning of any Arab player to play in a shooter or Drift So that he does not know about DM Because it is not particularly popular with Arabs, such as Shooter or Drift ,, But after 3 years I discovered that there is a stage of play called dm I used to play Arabic servers because non-Arab servers are not very popular .. A year later my friend told me there were some non-Arab servers but very nice It is these servers -ffs- |-TG-| |-XpR-| #ER And I've been playing most of my time in these servers with my friends
  7. Country & Age: Saudi Arabia , 19 years old Tell us something about yourself: My name is Faisal , i love playing football and basketball Which clans have you been in and why did you leave them?: BG| Black Gaming - leave bcz some problems UpG| Universal Power Group - closed EG| Epic Gaming - closed W\* Wanderers - kicked bcz inactive -fts- Fuck The System - leave bcz the clan is dead i7' Important Seven - closed Why do you want to join Saints?: I wanted to be a part of saints gaming because i see that is a very distinct clan and different from the rest of the clans Do you know any member of Saints? Wazer , Gonzoa , shake , naruto Do you have any programmation knowledge? (lua/HTML/JavaScript/XML/C++): Nah How would you help Saints?: My skills at hunter is very good What do you like/dislike about the team?: It's a clan of elite players in Hunter and DM Have you created any map? No Rate yourself as a player 0/10: Hunter: 9/10 DeathMatch: 7/10 Contact: Skype: Mitsukiz0r