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  1. Hello, Kevin. Good luck, nice to see such player making a join request for our clan.
  2. If that post is to me, i already know the guy who make join request can speak in any language he want. I've just said it was better if he write his join request on english and every of us can read it.
  3. It would have been better if you could write your join request in english. Good luck.
  4. Hello again. I’d like to inform you that i’ll be inactive for 2 days. If you want to learn the reason, i need to visit my Aunt, that’s the reason. And, thanks for wishing me good luck firsty, and i’ll try to be more active in Saints Gaming server. Hope that we can meet there! Regards, Naruto~
  5. First of all, thank you for your beautiful comments guys. @CarlosG7, yeah we can do an PvP, but when i look on clan members section, when half of the members be online in-game, i'm sleeping or busy. But, anytime you can call me from Skype or Whatsapp. (I will give my contacts if i'll be accepted in Saints Gaming, if you're curious about the reason, i don't want that an guest or something adds me on Skype.) So i don't think that i can be online at the time you're online. But if you want to test me or something in Hunter, sure i'll try to be online. @StreakZ, Thank you for your wish, firstly. And about the thing you've said "I hope you don't lie", As you see, i boast myself with my Hunter skill in the whole topic. So, a guy who posts join request in any clan, the player who make join request should know that the players will see his skills any-time. And, i'm sure about myself in Hunter, but whatever. Thanks again. And again an information, i can be helpful to Saints Gaming about clan wars, or helping you on needed English Things. Whatever, thanks to all people who wished good luck to me! Yours Sincerely, Naruto @CarlosG7, you can send me what time or when we can do an pvp.
  6. Hello, dear Saints Gaming community. I hope you wont get bored while reading my small Join Request. Naruto's Join Request What's your nickname(s), age and location? My name is Berk, I'm using Naruto nickname for now, and i'm not going to change it because i think that changing nicknames will make you lose your reputation in that game. And, i was born in 06.07.1996, and i'm living in Germany, Frankfurt. Tell us something about yourself Ehm, this section makes me get bored while writing, but it's needed so i need to write. Without extending the word, i'm not going to write many things in this section to make it longer, and i'm saying for the people who write that section longer, YOU'RE NOT COOL. I'll explain things from my MTA career which you need to know. And, a note. You can find more information about me in my profile. First of all, i'm an Hunter player. My interest on hunter depends on old times. When i was playing GTA:SA, i think some of you know that Flying School mission. That mission was really interesting for me, without any doubt i've got an decision about, "After finishing the whole game, i'll try with doing everything with Hunter and Hydra. After getting bored with playing Hunter and Hydra, Rockstar Games released GTA V, and of course as usual i bought GTA V and played it. I did not get the same interest in GTA V like GTA:SA, but the game was good if we look in general. Whatever, no need to explain such things like that. After my friends advice, (A guy named "Mert". But sad that he is not in our class still.) i started with playing MTA, and of course i've just started with playing Hunter. After playing more-and-more, Like the all MTA players, Hunter just made me get bored. And, after nearly searching all the gamemodes in MTA, i found Race//DeathMatch. But, these gamemodes still not made me get the same interest like i had in Hunter gamemode. Whatever, i don't have the same interest but i can finish HDM and normal maps in Deathmatch. So, if we look in general i'm not the best player in Deathmatch, but i'm sure that i'm the best in Hunter. That's all you need to know about me. Ah, forgot to say that i'm drinking too much beer. So if you see me in MTA, i can be drunk while playing. =D Which clans have you been and why did u leave them? Actually, i did not join any clans. Even did not know there was clans. Saints Gaming will be my first experience, posting my join request just because of WazeR, GanzoA9 and CarlosG7. And, before deciding about i'll join or not, know that i'm an really loyal member. Why do you want to join Saints? Good question, i want to be in Saints Gaming because as i see from the Hunter Montages that WazeR did, i think that the members of him are strong, like him. And, the second reason that why i want to join, is Clan Wars. Saints Gaming is not an coward clan like refuses all the clan wars. They're not scaring, without any doubt they're sure of themselves. Third reason is not important, but i'll say it to dont make you wonder. The third reason is Tag, but it's on the last place for me. Do you know any member of Saints? Yes, i know @WazeR, @GanzoA9, @CarlosG7, @Ryden Do you have any programmation knowledge? No, sorry. But i have much interest on such things. So i would like to go if there will be a course or something. How would you help Saints? Actually, i would like to help Saints Gaming with my skills in game. I can be helpful to Saints on any clan war, with my Hunter or Deathmatch skills. I can use them both perfectly. And, the second thing is my English Level. I can be helpful to Saints Gaming in any needed things with English. I'm sure that i can be helpful much to Saints with my english skills. What do you like/dislike about the team? First of all, as i say on above Saints Gaming, clan is not an coward clan that refuses with playing clan war. There are many things that i like in the team, but can't explain all of them. Whatever, will continue with saying you what i dislike about the team. For me, the only bad thing in Saints Gaming is, the clan dont have many players. Have you created any map? Yea, i create many maps but didn't release them. I did not release them because i was making maps but there was no idea with continuing. If you want to see some of my maps i can send it to you via pm. Rate yourself as a player 10/10 Hunter 8.5/10 Deathmatch Thank you for reading my Join Request. Your's Faithfully, Naruto