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  1. gl bro
  2. Thanks CarlosG7! Anywhere and anytime, Carlos.
  3. Thanks everyone!
  4. Thanks WazeR! I tried to search for St. server but didn't see anything, if i find i will come i promise!
  5. Thank you StreakZ! I'm saying it real, i'm really good at hunter. If you want we can do a vs? xD.
  6. Country: Turkey // Kutahya Age: I'm 18 years old. Tell us something about yourself: First of all i wanna start from my hobbies. I really love Archery and playing guitar. I think i'm very good in archery because i always shoot the arrow right in the target. And about guitar, i can play many songs but i didn't learn it very well. And some of in my freetimes, i'm going to bar with friends or playing basketball and football. And i can draw picture perfect, but i need to improve myself in drawing pictures because i can't do the picture with colored pencils. Maybe i can buy some pro marks in the future but i think it's not the time for it. And let me say some about my MTA Career. First i start to MTA like in March, 2014. With freeroam, i got many friends in the past. And i really get bored from this server and look for different, good server. And i think about why i'm not opening my server? I opened my Server and see different mods in Admin Panel. When i see that if there's different modes, i can try them! I search for another mods, like Zombie or DayZ but they wasn't really good. When i was looking for different mod i see like " Turkey - Deathmatch // Shooter Server " (it was like that i think :P) And when i join to that server, i really like it and start to play it. But that time i don't know how to controle car in the air, or controle Hunter. I asked professional players in that server, thanks to them they help me for learning it. Then something happened, the server just get closed and i look for another servers. I see FFS Gaming and i really learn everything in here. I improve myself really fast and now, i'm a good DeathMatch player, and we can say it an "GOD of Hunter". That's enough, if you wanna learn more about me, you can contact me via Skype or my gmail. Which clans have you been and why did you leave the them?: ~xRz~ // 2016 // Left just because of inactivity vZ' // 2017 // Closed, just because of the founder was very childish. Why do you want to join Saints Gaming?: As i know from the past, Saints Gaming is really good clan and have respectful, friendly and skilled members. I want to be a part of this clan just because that clan never gets closed, chooses the right members for clan always. That's why i want to be a part of this clan. Do you know any Saints members?: I know NexeloN, WazeR because of their top times. Do you have any programmation knowledge?: No i don't know actually, but i really want to learn JavaScript and HTML. How would you help Saints Gaming?: I can help Saints Gaming with my skills, i can help in clan wars or adversite you in the game. What do you like, dislike about the team?: First of all as i said on "Why do you want to join Saints Gaming" the members are respectful, friendly and skilled players. And the clan is not getting closed, if something happens and the clan is going to closed the clan automatically improves itself so quick! And i don't dislike anything about the team. Have you created any map?: No, i know only how to do track but there is #Duo^ will help me on decoration. Maybe i can do a map with him. Rate yourself as a player: If i'll rate myself on hunter, it'll be 10/10. and if i rate myself on DeathMatch it'll be 7,5/10. Skype: swindexmta@gmail.com Mail: swindexmta@gmail.com Thanks for reading my join request, i hope you like it and didn't get your time. Yours faithfully, Swindex.