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  1. Radix? WTF
  2. Nice mep! I love it
  3. Good Luck knk <3
  4. God Wazerzito :3
  5. Introduce yourself: My name is Teodor, My nickname in Game is BLTZ^, I'm from Bulgaria, and i'm 17 years old. I like to play Football with my friends. I watch only La que se avecina this is Spain TV Series. I started playing MTA back in 2010 with a couple of friends in the DDC Night server. The only gamemode i played is Deathmatch (DM). I played MTA for 2 years straight, then i took a little break from it. It wasn't really a long break because i came back after a couple of montsh (3-4). When i came back i started playing in the TG server with my friends. Now the only servers im currently playing in are the TfF and FFS servers. Have you been in other clans before: [FOTL] - ( Firestarters of the Land ) --> Left / Clan Member HsK// - ( Hard sTyle Klown ) --> Closed / Clan Member B5 - ( Best Five ) --> Closed / Clan Member SoA! - ( Sense of Ability ) --> Closed / Clan Leader SHC// - ( Small Hustlers Crew ) --> Left / Clan Member UP| - ( Unlimited Power ) --> Closed / Clan Member Why should we accept you: There are many powerful players and i wanna be part of your community to get some experience for clanwars I will try my best to help with anything i can at clan wars or tournaments. Contact (optional): Skype: teodor.todorov95 Something to add (optional): No Best Regards BLTZ^
  6. won

    Good Game Saints
  7. GL Naru ^^