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  1. :'(
  2. im not an St member now lel xd. but gl
  3. lul
  4. I'll be fair. Map isn't that bad, but it has some buggy/unsmooth parts (0:51; 1:02 for exemple). Sometimes the map is getting speedy style, and then it just slow down. Try to make a map in 1 style, it could be better (imo). And yea, dont put 9999999+ markers for deco. Because them are slow loading. Sincerely, StreakZ.
  5. Happy new year guys, wish the best of lucks for Saints :). Sincerely, Streakz.
  6. Good Luck.
  7. lost

    this will be intense as fuck, good luck both teams
  8. Yes, because we dont lazy for put some effort and show everyone that we are intersted in this clan, that we are wanna be part of this family. It's useless dude..
  9. Guys, i'm sorry, but its a week of no-effort JRs or what? It's starts being annoying to be honest..
  10. gl
  11. Maybe you'll tell us more about you, your history and etc.?.. gl anyway..
  12. Sorry, but if you REALLY get interested to join, you could make your jr more better..