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  1. Best of luck.
  2. First o all, thank you for your reply, I really appreciate the fact that you are spendig some of your time to reply and tell me your opinion. Second, I do know that this isn't just a simple clan, where I just can leave whenever I want, and i'm pretty sure you don't believe a word i'm saying right now, but if i'll get the chance to join, i'll prove you that this wont happend, and i'll stay loyal, and once I closed my previous application, I didn't join any other clan, since Nothing To Lose, i'm clanless, that's why I want to join you guys, I want to get this "family" feeling once again. If you have any other kind of questions, feel free to contact me. Greetings.
  3. Yeah to be honest, this is one of my main problems, which i'm trying to improve it, so I can't do no wrong anymore, I know it's pretty messed up, but i'm doing my best to change that, and thank you for this opinion, means a lot to me.
  4. Thank you guys, I really appreciate your positive replies.
  5. Country & Age: Greece, 18 years old. Tell us something about yourself: My real name is, Alin. I’m currently 18 years old, male from Romania and living in Greece, Santorini. I see MTA as a way to escape from reality, and spend most of my times on games, being around people I can trust, and help me forget about my past. I really enjoy listening to music, while I am not playing MTA, it helps me also take off my mind off things, and is really stress relieving. I used to enjoy playing football from the age of 9, but stopped because of laziness, then going into a bad habit of smoking, drinking and it really pulled me away from football. I can be lazy sometimes, but I am quite dedicated in what I do, and I see myself as a leader. I'm a big Anime lover, but my favorite is Tokyo Ghoul, as you may noticed from my avatar and signature, I love old school rap, like 2pac, N.W.A, but I do listen sometimes to any other kind of music. Which clans have you been in and why did you leave them?: 1) 3R - 3lite Racers The reason I left this clan was due to immaturity, if I was truly honest. I don’t want any hate against me, but it’s the truth that most accept. I realized soon, that this community isn’t an environment where I can expand my skills, or improve. As well as, what makes a good community, therefore I left. 2) #MvP - #Most valuable Players Most players already know what happened to the clan – Most Valuable Players. Just to summarize briefly, it was owned by two leaders called – MadniX and Pierre. At a sudden reaction, Pierre decides to leave one day, therefore leaving the clan unstable and unbalanced. He decided to put up an excuse of him studying, but suddenly making a new clan out of nowhere. Therefore, it lead to do the death of MvP because one of the leaders disobeyed the clan, and it’s loyal members. 3) FZ - FuriouZ Gaming This clan, was owned by a friend of mine RayZ, and me too. It was a reopening of the clan, it was going quite well. But due to us planning ahead, we made a huge mistake of an early release, leading to us making many faults, causing problems in other sectors and issues that were unable to be fixed. The clan became quite unstable, and players started to leave without any notice. 4) 7si - Seven Sins This clan was owned by me, and created and setup by my friend RayZ. We had an amazing server, site as well, interlinked and allowing players to communicate to the forums from the server. But due to no progress or growth being made, we sadly shut down the server. 5) nTL - Nothing to Lose I left this clan, due to reasons in real life. I found myself a part-time job, and I thought I wouldn’t have much time to play, due to hearing the job program would be scattered over the weekdays, therefore not giving me enough time to play with MTA. I contacted the leaders to leave them a notice, to allow me to leave. But now I’ve found myself some time to actually play MTA again, and be semi-active, I’m here as much as I can be. Why do you want to join Saints?: Well, as much as I see, the clan is enough active, the community it's well behaved, same as the members. Do you know any member of Saints? I mean, I don't know them properly, but yeah, I can say that I know most of them. Do you have any programmation knowledge? (lua/HTML/JavaScript/XML/C++): Not really. How would you help Saints?: I would try to keep the gameplay fair, equal and running at a smooth pace. Also, make the environment more user-friendly, by bringing in my own personal experiences, helping users communicate, and if they have any issues help them resolve and overcome it. Furthermore, I'd keep an eye out for players who are ruining others gameplay, and causing interruptions within the communicate. Lastly, I'd check and verify if everyone is following the correct rules and regulations, in order to create a professional, happy environment. Also, I’m a learning Graphic Designer, and quite skilled in different gamemodes. I can bring in these skills, as well as Communication Skills. I can help other people if they’re new to the clan, communicate properly with other members, understand the rules and help other players follow the rules correctly. As well as, bring in professionalism, strict and fair gameplay between players. I believe that everyone is skilled in their own ways. I wouldn’t call myself professional, but I believe I am skilled, improving and try to be perfect. I’m quite skilled in Deathmatch, know how to player Shooter as well. Furthermore, I allowed myself to be free, and attempt whatever comes my way, so I’d like to learn more, and see where I’m going wrong. And, in the past weeks, I managed to learn how to Develope a Website, so probably it my be useful sometimes. What do you like/dislike about the team?: I wont try to asslick or something, but everything looks cool with your team, from members to your community. The only thing that I dislike, it's the fact that you got a server, but you barrely play there, but yeah, this can be fixed. Have you created any map? I've tried to, I got a lot of maps made by me, but I don't feel like publishing them. Rate yourself as a player 0/10: Hunter: I would say like 7, as i'm still trying to learn. DeathMatch: Like 8 or 9. Contact Skype: Facebook: I would like not to share my facebook page, if you want, you can contact me through skype or even here on forum. WhatsApp: I'm not using WhatsApp, as I think that it's pretty useless. Something to add: I would like to apologize from all my heart for the last time I applied and then closed my applicaton, I feel like I wasted your time. I'll promise that this time, nothing like that will happen. Also, you might notice that somedays, i'm not that active, either on forum or server, that's because of real life, but of course, i'll do my best, to get some free time.
  6. Hello, i'd like to close my Join Request if possible, I kinda changed my mind. Thank you.
  7. Thank you very much guys, I appreciate that.
  8. Good luck dude.
  9. 1) Country & Age: Hello, i'm from Romania, but currently I live in Greece, Santorini and i'm 18 years old. 2) Tell us something about yourself: My name is Alin, i'm a 18 years old male, from Romania, but currently I live in Greece, Santorini. I'm kinda nolifer, as I stopped going out, for some personals reasons and i'm spending most of my time, playing games. But i'm okay with it, I got used with that kind of life, and I don't mind. I listen to music like all day long, it helps me to chill and forget about every problem I got. I used to play football from the age of 9, but I stopped it, for a stupid reason, I was lazy, then started smoking, drinking, so I was way too lazy to continue it. Yeah, i'm a lazy person sometimes. That's all I guess. 3) Which clans have you been in and why did you leave them?: 1) 3lite Racers - FDD Leader & DM Member Well, the reason I left, it's a simple one, their community it's immature, I don't want to hate, but it's the truth, everybody knows that, so I realized that it's not a community where I can improve myself, so I left. 2) #Most valuable Players! - Shooter Member & CW Manager I guess everybody who knew about MvP, knows what happend, but let me tell you, there was 2 leaders, MadniX and Kingpierre, one day, Kingpierre said that he needs to leave the clan, just because he got to study, but it was just a big lie, Kingpierre decided to open a new clan, named as "At First Sight", so MvP slowly was dying, so I decided to leave. 3) FuriouZ Gaming - Co-Leader & DM Leader Well, many of you might know this clan, me and a friend of mine, named as RayZ decided to re-open FuriouZ Gaming, it was going well, but we did a big mistake, and we announced our mgm, and the pressure way too much for us, everybody was asking about it, when we didn't had a exactly date. 4) Seven Sins - Founder This is the clan I opened, with RayZ, basically it was a DM clan, we also had a server, but we couldn't see any kind of progress, so we decided to close it. 5) Nothing To Lose - DM Member Basically, I left just because my mom found me a job to a restaurant, and I thought that I will be pretty inactive, but as much as I heard, it's not that full program, so I guess i'll have enough time to play, I discussed with Leaders, and told them about this, and I just left. 4) Why do you want to join Saints?: Well, as much as I see, the community looks pretty great and calm, and that's important for me. The members are very friendly and skilled, and I would be glad to be a part of such a nice community and team. Also, the clan is pretty active in all kind of events. 5) Do you have any programmation knowledge? (lua/HTML/JavaScript/XML/C++): To be honest, not really, i'm still at the phase where i'm trying to learn as much as I can, so I can be useful in other projects. How would you help Saints?: Well, I like to think I'm skilled enough, I can help you as much as I can in Clanwars, my dedication, I can say that I'm a quick learner, and I guess I can help you with everything I'm able to do. I never back down or give up, and once a goal is set I want to accompolish and complete it. Also, i'm at the phase when i'm trying to do new things in MTA, like mapping, but mostly i'm trying to design things. I'm trying my best day by day to improve myself as much as I can. Also, I guess i'm enough experienced in being an administrator, managing all kind of events or any other related stuff. I'm also active like all day long, so i'll be able anytime to help. I'm also able to speak three ( 3 ) different languages, Romanian, Greek and English, I guess at a high level, so i'll be able to communicate with everyone. If you are interested in my Designs, let me know. 6) What do you like/dislike about the team?: I wont try to asslick or something, it's not my type, but the clan looks pretty good, there isn't such thing I dislike, maybe it is one ( 1 ) I dislike, and that's forum Sections, of course this thing can be improved anytime, so no problem I guess. 7) Have you created any map? Well, i've tried to map, but I didn't publish the maps yet, just because I don't feel like, but I can map for sure, but I get lazy sometimes, so. 8) Rate yourself as a player 0/10: Hunter: I would say like 6 or 7, just because i'm still improving myself. DeathMatch: Last couple of years, i've trained way too hard for this gamemode, so it will be like 8-9. 9) Contact: Skype: Facebook: I would like not to share my Facebook page here, if you really want it, you can contact me anytime on skype or here on forums. WhatsApp: I don't have WhatsApp, looks useless to me. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed my Join Request.