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  1. good luck
  2. I am only a beginner graphic designer
  3. Hello ! who's need banner in forum? :] i can create for free like this
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  5. Don't worry ! ;] , i will be active
  6. Country Poland Age 16 (18.01.2001) Tell us something about yourself: Hello Everyone! my name is Jacob (ingame Kube) i was born in 18.01.2001 (15 years old) and i living in Cracow (Poland) My GTA History started in 2011 , Me started with Pylife and Drift server(s) but i didn't like very much . I search DM server(s) , then i started play |PPS| (Polish Pro Server) where i mostly play DM , and i looking for Good Clan . When i found *Fc| (Fapping Club) ( ?° ?? ?° ) , i have played there 2 year . Fc closed then i moved to less-known clan(s) , such as [SMD] (Suck My Dick). I mostly trained here where i got know a older(s) map's . After i moved too |-mDs-|Most Darking Skills , becuse my friend recommended it , Before the server closed. I got accepted to [PMC] (Poli$h Mon$ter Clan) , and i started play in PMC server. I found ER server then i play untill today , and i create my clan *uG| (Ultimate Gaming) . We were really good team but i must closed clan And i found a new clan |iO* - Illuminait Order When i joined to clan i was Recruit and Leader Closed clan and i left next day i found 'AP! (Atroctious Players) and this clan really looked good , but unfortunately broke up . i join too -DG| Divinity Gamers , i left quckly becuse this clan it's not my good idea . Which clans have you been in and why did you leave them?: Fc - Fapping Club -LOSED - C mDs - Most Darking Skills - - CLOSED PMC - Polish Mon$ter Clan - - KICKED reason : no active uG - Ultimate Leader - [Leader] - CLOSED iO - Illuminati Order - [DM recruter] - CLOSED AP - Atrotcious Players - [Trial] - CLOSED BRO - The Brotherhood - - LEFT reason : Funny clan DG - Divinity Gamers - [Trial] - LEFT reason : my bad idea NsA - National Skilled Area - [Co-Leader] - CLOSED Why do you want to join Saints?: i want to join here becuse this clan have nice community and very potencial players ! , i want to play with this community ! ;] Do you know any Saints members?: yea like Tangy Do you have any programmation knowledge? (lua/HTML/JavaScript/XML/C++) no :c How would you help Saints?: can also help you guys with some problems or organized a CW. What do you like/dislike about the team?: i like this community and very potencial players ! Have you created any map? no , but i want Rate yourself as a player 0/10: Hunter: 8/10 DeathMatch: 6/10 Contact: Skype: kuba.jarguz Facebook: WhatsApp: Best Regards Kuby <3