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  1. Good luck my friend i hope see you in the main server. GOGOGO SAINTS <3
  2. pending

    Ohhhhh yes, it will be a good cw <3 GOGOGOGO SAINTS <3
  3. Goooooooooood Luck and be more Active, i would like to see you in the Server ✌✌✌💪💪
  4. They are my classmates, and my family too And the other one I'm with mi girlfriend.
  5. Buena suerte, espero verte en el servidor
  6. Gogo Saints 💪❤❤ Good luck 💪💪
  7. Oie que buena jr con normas APA :v Goood Luck bro <3
  8. Goooooood Luck <3
  9. Good luck Buena Join Request
  10. Ya soy St? :v
  11. Country & Age: COLOMBIA 18 Tell us something about yourself: Well, i like play videogames, I play MTA since 2013 when the clan XP existed. I'm very friendly with the people and try to help everybody Which clans have you been in and why did you leave them?: My last clan was BFS i don't know if this was a clan but I left it because the leader never join to the sv Why do you want to join Saints?: You know babe why i want to join Saints <3 Do you know any member of Saints? Of course Wazer Shake Nexe Drew, Yisus, Dazex Zait etc. Do you have any programmation knowledge? (lua/HTML/JavaScript/XML/C++): Nope. How would you help Saints?: Ehmm maybe in cw's and in all that i can help. What do you like/dislike about the team?: I like that all members are very friendly and are pro in Hunter and DM <3 and i dont like that they are little inactive in the sv Have you created any map? Piece Skills :v okno, In 2014 i made a map OS map :v Rate yourself as a player 0/10: Hunter: 7 I guess DeathMatch: 8 Contact: Skype: Onepiece.mta Facebook: :3 WhatsApp:+57 3153454942
  12. Jajaja use a good translator, the google translator is a shit :v
  13. Translate the words nub :v
  14. Good luck men, espero verte pronto en el sv.
  15. Muy buena JR suerte