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  1. Date: 17/ 03 / 2018 Time: 18:00 GMT+1 Server: /TfF\ Clanwar Server. Colorcode: #ff4400 Website: https://www.thefavouredfew.com/ St. Saints Players: • • • • • • • • Maps: [DM] Rizom v5- Downcast [DM] Packy v13 - Defiance [DM] nAzHo v14 - All_Fall_Down] [DM] BriaN ft. Gasoil Ft KnOwN ft. Pepyaka- Body Talk [DM] SnakeJack ft Loco ft Gasoil. Ambitions /TfF\ Players: • • • • • • • • Maps: [DM] Andershell v4 - Pure Skills Paradise [DM] SaPpHirE ft. Deadline ft. Xenioo - Silence of Nature II [DM] Fusionz - Sunfire [DM] SoniX - Fortress [DM] Dimka V10 - Chill Out Rules General: • Everyone from each clan is able to participate. • Each team can choose an impartial referee. • If someone times out before the round started, we restart the round. • If someone times out or quit while the map is running, we continue playing. •The max ping of a player is 320. • In case of a tie (10-10) we will play one last map. (It will be 3 randoms starting in a hunter map, the third one will be the one) • There's gonna be a break after 10 rounds of 5 or 10 minutes. (Visitor team choose) • Password will be given 36 hours before clanwar. • Maps can´t be changed at the time these were showed. • Only 2 HDM maps are available for each team. • Ping jumping is considered as lag, it does not matter if it is under 320. (Referees decision) • If this happen player must be blow up. The player needs to be warned first. Deathmatch: • Skipping useless nitro and repair pickups is allowed. • If both teams fail at the same part, we will redo the map. • In case of short cutting, the participant will be eliminated without the possibility of replacing him. (Referees decision) • Mapper can't play his/her own map. • Backward parts can be done as forward way. Hunter: • Using any kind of hunter mod during the clanwar is forbbiden. • Hunter fight has to be started after countdown (5 seconds). (Countdown starts when 2 players (home and visitor) gets hunter) • If any player kills an opponent player before the countdown, the damaged team will get the point • Before the countdown players are able to kill cars. • Spraying is not allowed. • Spraying cars is not allowed. • If a player is killed with spray. We restart the hunterfight without the sprayer.
  2. Add me on skype Onepiece.mta
  4. lost

    Gracias @CarlosG7 por tu opinión tienes toda la razón.
  5. Please read the rules before to make your cw request.
  6. I'm the cw manager, and it sounds good! But @Kuba has not responded yet.
  7. ***Hello, thank you for challenge us. Before you make the request please note that clanwar server is not in negotiation. If you have any issue with our rules we can try to reach an agreement but Saints is not forzed to make changes in his rules.*** Please read the topic before to make a cw request. Thank You
  8. Suerte man, espero verte pronto. :33
  9. Mmmmsi Aceptado para mi ❤❤
  10. won

    Vamooo los generixitos. <3
  11. Buena suerte.
  12. Numca tebhe visto, para mi es un NO, espero que seas activo.
  13. Nice news, esperemos volver a la racha de no perder y que buen inicio que con iW un buen clan, vamos Saints.
  14. Good luck man, i hope see you in the sv!
  15. Buena suerte, espero verte mas seguido en el sv. 💪💪🤞