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  1. ke rico forum saints de puta long time no see since i suck at mta a

  2. bish. kek forum

  3. Yes Because, I wanted to be part of the family since the clan was reopened but I failed. That's why I put many effort on my Jr.
  4. I'm just giving some advice m8. So Don't missunderstand
  5. hmm Pretty short, It's useless no effort and your life isn't that long, You should make it longer and it will be easier for members to understand what have you goin through.
  6. gu3gu33gu3g33y
  7. kent :v
  8. Just enjoy this video while I'm a former lol
  9. jebany de kurwa mac idk 

  10. congratz :3
  11. Woooo. Declined.

  12. Ty who always got beaten by me
  13. Thxx :3
  14. Thx :33