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  2. Saints vs Unforgatteble Stars Clanwar Info: Server: iW// Iron Will Clanwar Server Date: 16/06/2018 Referee: Silver & Mactrize Recorder: - #Saints: Players: Maps: St.Chryxz [DM] BriaN ft. Fancy - Thorny Aster St.GonZa [DM] Rizom v.5 - Downcast St.Dnts45 [DM] nAzHo v.14 - All Fall Down St.RuSO [DM] FakeDeath v.11 - Blackout III St.Athenian [DM] PolakMaly ft. Flame - Neglected Perfection St.SebasxZ St.13 St.Apollo Saints (St.) MVP: Chryxz & GonZa #Unforgettable Stars: Players: Maps: US#Azooz [DM] CooN v.1 - Serenity US#Oscar [DM] dcoy v.1 - Improve Your Skills US#AePx89 [DM] RoNNiE v.3 - Silent Side US#kristijan [DM] ClaudiO v.1 - Answer To Life US#D7OMEY [DM] Darmos ft. Swalox ft. DRiVeR - The Essence of Speed II US#SilentScream Unforgettable Stars (US#) MVP: SilentScream HUNTER MAP: [Hunter] Tomas - Fuck Is It PS: Thank you so much Tomas for the clanwar server <3
  3. SAINTS GAMING ACCEPTED Welcome to Saints Gaming Your trial period starts now!
  4. Good luck guys
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  6. Best of lucks bro
  7. Introduce yourself: So, my name is Pedro i am 21 i think, don't ask me why but i always forget my age now, i am from Portugal and i am almost finished with university. Have you been in other clans before: I will only write the big ones here since i don't remember all. I started playing in xG (Xtreme Gamers) server but the first team i ever join was aR// (Alien Racers) after that i don't remember that well the teams i have been, but i know i was part of ePic for some time, then joined ~xS// (Xtreme Skillers) became leader left for SHC// (Small Hustler Crew), left to join ~xS// (Xtreme Skillers) as their cw-manager, joined SHC// back when i got in some trouble with some player in ~xS// and while in SHC// i became CW-manager, the i jumped between Leader and Co-Leader. After a year and six months i decided to leave and try opening a team. But thanks to university i didn't get enough time and decided to close. After that i was inactive for 3 months and now decided to comeback and try joining Saints Gaming. Why should we accept you: Dunno why you should accept me. I am just a normal member, i have some experience as cw manager and leader but that is it. Contact (optional): dream.mta Something to add (optional): I miss MAURO <3
  8. Saints vs Seventh Miracle Clanwar Info: Server: /TfF\ Clanwar Server Date: 13/01/2018 Referee: Generix; MoN & Every Recorder: MoN #Saints: Players: Maps: St.CarlosG7 [DM] DarkeN ft. SphinX - Haunted II St.GanzoA9 [DM] Kiwi ft. ArMAnI - Epiphany St.Positiv [DM] RuSO ft. GuilhermE ft. Nataam - Last Living Souls St.Athenian [DM] D0GGy v8 - Minimalism St.EvoleX [DM] eXcY//^ Vol.4 - Gloomy Epiphany St.Nexelon St.Blind St.OnePiece St.Hozwks St.Pazh St.Jesu5 St.RuSO Saints (St.) MVP: Positiv #Seventh Miracle: Players: Maps: 7V\*RYDER [DM] sYKu v2 - Inside Tonight 7V\*Mystic [DM] ShockWave v8 - Unholy Realms 7V\*Bart [DM] SoniX - Fortress 7V\*Madlife [DM] SIISTi V3 - Blow II 7V\*Mokka [DM] MayckeL ft. Seexy ft. Naval - Rasta Courage II 7V\*Kube 7V\*Seeky Seventh Miracle (7V\*) MVP: Bart HUNTER MAP: [Hunter] The Favoured Few [Hunter] RoNNiE - NO To Astronomy
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  14. yo diría los que se fueron (:
  15. Saints vs Hard Style Klown Clanwar Info: Server: St. Saints Clanwar Server Date: 05/05/2018 Referee: Archie & Krlos Recorder: - #Saints: Players: Maps: St.WazeR [DM] FakeDeath v.11 - Blackout III St.GonZa [DM] Rizom v.5 - Downcast St.Xandz [DM] nAzHo v.14 - All Fall Down St.RuSO [DM] BriaN ft. Fancy - Thorny Aster St.OnePiece [DM] PolakMaly ft. Flame - Neglected Perfection St.EvoleX St.CarlosG7 St.Yuuki St.Athenian St.GanzoA9 St.SebasxZ Saints (St.) MVP: GonZa #Hard Style Klown: Players: Maps: HsK//AlpisT [DM] CooN ft. Naval ft. V1SH4L ft. NitroN - The Verge HsK//ZeAn [DM] SimiX v.4 - The Night Fury HsK//MasTeR [DM] Xenioo v.5 - Nothing is Impossible II HsK//Alamm [DM] JohnY v.8 - Come Alive II HsK//Nazix [DM] Cookie v.14 - Enchanted HsK//Css HsK//GOTZHA HsK//Positiv HsK//DK HsK//Dreams Hard Style Klown (HsK//) MVP: MasTeR HUNTER MAP: [Hunter] Saints Gaming
  16. When jr bro <3?
  17. upcoming

    A la vecina idiota, a quién más
  18. upcoming

    A quién le dices pendejo, pendejo
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    Ahí están pendejín
  20. Malaisya and Kicked. Nice spell mate!
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    Y los mapas??
  22. where is my nick
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