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  3. and, you left the clans ? or kicked ? tell me more pls ..
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  5. I wish you the best luck!
  6. Good Luck!
  7. Nice joinrequest, best of lucks bro
  8. Enter yourself: my name is Aleex I am 18 years old, I live in Guarapuava, I work in the afternoon, I live with my parents, I play 6 years old, I am a mapper, I play for fun. I started playing because of friends. I was going to race - Give us some information about you. I'm someone who likes to play, I'm serious when I need to, I like to work hard. Have you been in other clans before: Yes, TfF, VIP, FR7. --If you've been in a clan before; your time spent in, your rank (trial, member, leader, etc.) & leaving reason. I was always only a member Why should we accept you: I like the clan very much, I can help in cw I dedicate myself a lot in this, you have to accept me because I am quite useful in several aspects --Tell us which are your biggest achievements through your career, your remarkable points (skilled driver, designer, scripter, etc.) If you have not any tell us what your projects are in future. I'm mapper, scripter. Contact (optional): Aleex15711
  9. DECLINED Good luck wishes you Saints Gaming
  11. Well Join Request, best of lucks bro !
  12. Introduce yourself: My name is Jazhiel, my name in-game is Money, I'm 15 years old and I live in Chihuahua, México, I started playing MTA in end of 2010, my dad downloaded me this game (MTA) and he just clicked a random server and it was |-XpR-| server , I liked how that gamemode looks, race, jumps, it was smooth, I didn't know how to play that but I enjoyed that, then passed like 2 months and I was bored of |-XpR-|'s server because not much people played in that server and I searched GTA 4 (because it was famous) and I played in a server with references of GTA 4 , I spent a lot of time there , like 1 year and I remember I was bored because I didn't know English and I found TG's server, I met Frankzy (Ex TG's member) and he teached me more about DM, he helped me to do my first top, we played around 1 week together and he invited me to Fellow Team server, there is where I became a pro at DM, a master :v, I spent around 2 years trying to join in FT but I never got that, my English isn't the best so I searched some latins servers, and I found LxG's server, I liked it a lot , people talking spanish in my favorite gamemode, It was incredible, I tried enter in LxG's team and I got it, I played clanwars, I was in a great moment but after 1 year or 2 LxG dead, and I searched more latins servers , that was how I found XrC's server, eF's server, SFS||, then I tried to enter in Europeans servers, I played some months in TfF and I enjoyed it , since Emp| invited me to his clan, I didn't liked it because it was new and I didn't feel cool and I left after 3 weeks, then I saw LxG's server back and I joined there, and it died, again, so I played back in TG's server, then I played in exe.'s server and iSG. Have you been in other clans before Yes; exe. LxG// iSG| Emp| XrC eF SFS Fm And more clans I don't remember... Why should we accept you: I am nice person, I can map and a bit of script, I can play clanwars or manage it Best regards - Money
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  14. Saints vs Nothing To Lose II Clanwar Info: Server: Nothing To Lose Clanwar Server Date: 10/03/2018 Referee: SkreePy & Generix Recorder: - #Saints: Players: Maps: St.RuSO [DM] Rizom v.5 - Downcast St.CarlosG7 [DM] Packy v.13 - Defiance St.GanzoA9 [DM] nAzHo v.14 - All Fall Down St.EvoleX [DM] Andro ft. XeaT - Spurious Past St.OnePiece [DM] FakeDeath v.11 - Blackout III St.GonZa St.Nexelon St.Athenian St.WazeR St.Chryxz St.Dnts45 Saints (St.) MVP: Chryxz #Nothing To Lose: Players: Maps: |-nTL-|Natsuki [DM] ActiOn v.5 - Hell Exciting |-nTL-|Fahad [DM] SkreePy v.1 - Mystic Forest |-nTL-|Bindz [DM] AquiL ft. Shux - Sheer Madness |-nTL-|Toser [DM] Finale v.2 - Heaven Fall |-nTL-|Spacy [DM] SymoN v.9 - Phantom Port |-nTL-|Meliodas |-nTL-|PrAKeR |-nTL-|A7M3D_x |-nTL-|Nuttela |-nTL-|Whozyl |-nTL-|N1ck Nothing To Lose (|-nTL-|) MVP: Bindz; Natsuki & Fahad HUNTER MAP: [Hunter] Nothing I
  15. The second clan war against "Nothing To Lose" was nothing but one, if is not the worse clan war we've had, it's one of them. In others clan wars the flame war created through different opinions we're quite fun, but today was really frustating. Giving an example nTL restarted a map which was LIVE mid-game; Reason? Bad organization from its part. Not taking attention even for some issue with scripts, we tried to be polite suggesting changing to another server but didn't heard, changin rules to its own purpose; even when both teams & referees decided something they've started the shit-storm cuz "If it's doesn't help us, it is unfair" Those just to give some examples. Some Anonymous player told us: "Be careful with nTL and don't play in their server, they'll try to cheat you" Was he giving us a hint of what would happen? Dunno, think what you want. Lastly: I recognize the ones in nTL & referees who were totally friendly and peaceful I apologize with them with my behaviour, but with others I just can't. Score: 9-11 PD: CANCER MAPS
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  18. Please send me your Joirn request modified in order to upload this topic via Inbox.
  19. Introduce yourself: Hello guys! my name is Yusuf. Im 16 (y/o) i will be 17 soon I`ve ben in mta about 4years. Im from turkey but im living in United states America. i love to play Computer games and soccer. My computer is not really good so im playing 2 games 1 of is MTA and league of legends. Have you been in other clans before: Massive Strong(Member,Left)Inactive clan. Insane skill players(Member,Left)I had some problems with the leader. Universe-of-Players(Member,closed) Victorious Ace(Member,Left)i will leave soon because im playing alpha right now. Why should we accept you: i have a good experience about os. i was an old school player. but os became a boring for me so i decided to be an alpha player. Im a good person i do like to help people.I want to learn Some special thinks from this clan. its a really good clan with a really good members.I have a good behavior. im a good driver on os. when i join this clan i will improve my skills at Dm alpha. i have some experience at alpha. i will try to help clan members about what ever they want.I want to meet new friends im a loyal player and a helpful. Contact (optional): skype: Revo55MTA Something to add (optional): Thanks for reading my jr!
  20. Hey guys! Today l would like to introduce You "End Of The Passage" enjoy
  21. Good luck
  22. Nice join request , good luck
  23. Best of lucks bro
  24. Introduce yourself: -- Well, my name is Alexis, I've been in MTA for about 5 years but I was absent for a year due to problems with my PC, family, and hospitalizations. I'm from Buenos Aires (Argentina), I'm 19 years old and well, I know several of the clan and what in my times of noob played with certain members and there are members in the clan what I consider my brothers because I have communication with them for more than 4 years, I started playing MTA exactly in 2013 where I met several friends, in 2014 almost at the end of 2015 I started to play in TG and similar clans which in their times were the best clans of MTA what stood out most, I remember the first map what happened was one of Skotinka and it was like my greatest achievement, St seemed to me one of the best clans what's up now in MTA and what is dying, I enjoy playing on the server and I enjoy laughing with its members and similar, they have a very good administration, good players, good mappers and I would like to be part of the clan to help in what either to improve more and grow at his side, of course, thank you very much. Have you been in other clans before: -- Well, my first clan in mta was sK in which I was 6 months as administrator and scripter, then I left because of problems with certain members who did not respect the rules and their other leaders did not agree with me and well, one thing led to the another, then go to LxG in its beginnings in which I was as Member for almost 3 months and I left for problems with the computer and could not connect much, I was also at the beginning of ExM Leo and similar clans in which I was Administrator as AiR, XpG, RoT, Sir, and similar clans which leave or for problems with their unfriendly members or leaders, problems with abusive administrators, disrespect towards me, and other things. Why should we accept you: -- Well, I'm finishing my career as a web designer and designer, scripteo and I have many future plans which I could implement in the Clan of St. I do not consider myself a skilled driver in the game but when I feel like playing I'm pretty good, but I could help more in the clan in what is Web, Scripts, etc. Contact (optional): WhatsApp but I pass it privately. Something to add (optional): Up St and its members, I hope to be accepted for whatever, it would be great to be part of this great clan!
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