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  2. OMG NICE :$$
  3. gl broo
  4. @WazeR, @RuSO, @Athenian Date & Time:, 18:00 GMT+1 Server: Sixth Sense DM Clanwar Server Amount of Players: 5 vs. 5 Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Clan Website: Contact Info: SyKu018i Sixth Sense (|6s) Maps - - - - - Saints (St.) Maps - - - - - Best regards, sYKu
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  6. lost

    We will do
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  8. GL
  9. lost

    GG Guys, I know this wasnt St in its full power without WazeR, but you still managed to make me mad by lagshots que fdp I love u @CarlosG7 @GanzoA9 (ganzo stop playing pubg kid) <3 @RuSO you made me nervous in that 1v3 but I managed to win it i hope for a rematch fdps
  10. DECLINED Good luck wishes you Saints Gaming
  11. A line had seeped into the code which wasn't allowing you to change the Team Tag of Enemy Team Link:
  12. Due to there isn't an option to edit the topic. Im forced to write the new changes here. If someone can add these changes to the main topic would be cool. Link Updated 01/11/2018 New Link: 'NEW' - Set Player Points - /setpoints [playerName] [points] - 01/11/2018 Added new feature to set player points /setpoints [playerName] [points] Added message about who have given the points Added message while setting points for X Team Fixed missing first map name while Backup Exporting Fixed spam issue on Chatbox while starting a Hunter Map Fixed issue while giving points to X player who wasn't in any team Fixed switches messages between wartype and warstate [Removed warstate condition] Minor changes - 01/07/2018 Fixed UTF-8 Encode Issue
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  15. Hi everyone! visit us Music ►KUURO - Doji [Monstercat Release] Server ►TG | Twisted Gamers
  16. Thank you friends
  17. Good luck man, i hope see you in the sv!
  18. lost

    Vamos Saints <3
  19. Good Luck dude!
  20. Good job SHI, very good script
  21. Best of lucks!
  22. Good luck!
  23. Hey Nunes, good luck
  24. Link Updated 07/01/2018 | Reason: Fixed UTF-8 Encode Issue Who Finishes First / Deathmatch Clan war Script Hello dear community, might you are already aware that currently, WFF Clan War Matches are taking a great importance in our clans to show which team containt the faster players. Well, few days ago I decided to do a Clan war script which containt these both modes, WFF & DM, and obyously, release it for free. Why am I doing this ? I just have realized that few clans have this Script and why not to bring them a help to organize their own clanwar matches on their own servers. However, I didn't to show a simple Clan War Script. I wanted to do something special and with all the features needed for a match. Thats why I used some methods to: - Download - Download shi_Clanwar.rar - Copy the folder inside .rar to your server - Refresh console and run it - For WFF Mode Save your points even if you get time out or reconnect Added anti delay to get the real time when you pick up the hunter vehicle. Export a file which indicates the Map Name and Who made points on that map - General Script - No more special groups in ACL. Now you can use: Chatter Feature to keep the managers allowed to talk even if the chat is disabled or they get time out. Referee Feature will allow to use several Referee commands. If the referee reconnects he will be kept on Referees group.NOTE: To get the real time in WFF Mode when you pickup the Hunter vehicle you need to add the following event on your race / race_client.lua / Search a function called: launchRace(duration). DON'T REMOVE ANYTHING FROM THERE, ONLY ADD THE FOLLOWING LIKE INTO YOUR CODE Features: TO CHANGE TEAM NAMES Go to your Admin Panel in Game, select the resource and Settings - "F1" Key - Toggle the interfaces - Set Team Values - This feature allows you to set home/enemy team color, tag, points - /setTeam home/enemy color #ff8800 - Add point to one team (Only for DM) - /addpoint 1 or 2 - Remove point to one team (Only for DM) - /delpoint 1 or 2 - Set Clan War - This feature allows you to modify many things of the Script like the Clan War state [LIVE/FREE/ENDED], Clan War Type [DM/WFF] or simply to reset it. Examples: /setcw [LIVE/FREE/ENDED] /setcw wartype [DM/WFF] /setcw reset - User Interface - There is the possibility of using both interface [DM & WFF] at the same time. However, might you just want to show to everybody the DM or WFF. Well, Admins just need to type: /ui [WFF/DM] - Weather - This feature is dedicated to DM Modes. It sets automatically a Hunter Fight Weather - This feature is automatically set when a player pickup the hunter vehicle - /weather - Who Finishes First Points - To use this feature you need to be sure that the four players are in the WFF Teams. Points are restored if the player reconnects /wff playerName1 playerName2 playerName3 playerName4 - Countdown - This feature is dedicated to DM Modes - It draws a countdown on the middle of screen. A perfect feature to let knows the players that they can start the fight. /cd - Toggle Chat - Keep the Main Chat disabled for everybody except admins and the players that you want. (Next feature) /toggleChat - Chatter - This feature will allow some players to talk while the Main Chat stay disabled. Its a great option for Managers, leaders ...etc (to remove them type again the command) (Players will be allowed to talk even if they reconnect) /chatter playerName - Referee - Set a player as referee. This will allow him to use commands like addpoints, countdown ...etc (to remove them type again the command) (Players will be allowed to use the commands even if they reconnect) /referee playerName - Private Message - Send a private message to any player - /pm playerName - Disable PM for myself - You won't receive any pm from other player if you turn on this feature - /pmtoggle - Clan War Help - This will output you all the commands - /cwhelp I hope you enjoy of it. Best regards. - #SHI!
  25. Good luck bro <3
  26. Apresente-se: Meu nome é Guilherme Nunes, meu nick no mta é ~ Mcnunes Jogo mta a 1 ano Já esteve em outros clãs antes: Ja Fui SxR, sK e GS Por que devemos aceitá-lo: Contato (opcional): Eu sei alguns mapas, pra mim jogo come bem quem sabe eu posso ajuda - los a ganha cws fico no mta quase o dia inteiro por isso não sabado que nao pq trabalho gosto muito de joga e espero se um de vcs. Contato (opcional): (31) 9 99995295. Algo para adicionar (opcional): Olha eu sei que talvez nao posso perder o que é o que é o que é o que é necessário. Obrigado por uma vez, a partir daqui a mais,
  27. Thank you
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